Providing Smart Medical Solutions

Providing Smart Medical Solutions

At AI4Health, our dedicated team specializes at building customizable solutions that best suit our customer’s needs, leading a higher productivity and cost-effectiveness.

All solutions are fully secure and HIPAA compliant as patient’s confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Flexible integration with other HIS or EHR is made possible in order to ensure a smooth workflow and user friendliness.

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Making an Impact Across the Globe

In the medical field, the main benefit of the artificial intelligence is providing more precise diagnosis for better treatment means, avoiding medical pitfalls and therefore reducing medical costs.

Coded Research Questionnaires

We provide you with the possibility of translating any questionnaire or medical report into a structured and coded format. Coding allows for consistent documentation between medical provisions which allows for efficient, systematic, well organized research and analysis.

In order to save time, this data can be filled from multiple locations either by healthcare providers or patients themselves.

Medical Algorithm & Workflow

The state of the Art of this software is its unique abilities to fully manage on its own programmed medical cases that have been built based on international guidelines.

When the user loads a case, the software will provide a detailed medical history pertinent to the case and to be filled by the user.

Smart EMR

Smart EMR is a web-based solution, making it possible for multiple users to access patient’s records from any location using a tablet during a bedside encounter, personal laptop / desktop or smart phone. The EMR data is recorded using few clicks and encoded using international standards including ICD-10 and CPT codifications, making it ideal for data mining and research.


Having a coded clinical registry allows health care professionals to perceive what therapy is needed or available, and facilitates tracking the response of patients with various characteristics to the given treatment.

Another advantage is to advise patients and professionals about the best course of treatment and comparing them to other health care contributors regarding the end results, thus ameliorating safety and quality of health care being delivered to patients.

Medical Mobile App

We specialize in developing mobile apps for polyclinics and hospitals. With globalization and modern medicine, it is becoming a habit for people to have everything accessible at the palm of their hand.

With time pressure that governs our modern societies, people tend to do everything through their smart phones, therefore avoiding long waiting calls and other inconveniences.

Online Consultations

We provide a global solution that makes online consultations possible for the entire medical body of an institution.

Online consultations have been shown to increase the recruitment of patients because with this modality, it is possible to target a broader population independently of location and distance.

Pathology Software

Pathology reports can be typed as free texts or editable text templates that are prepared once and saved. Also, pictures can be attached and saved along with the report.

The following software will make the pathology department paperless and electronically encoded, making data retrieval and medical statistics a few clicks away.

Endoscopy Software

AI4HEALTH provides you with the possibility to customize and structure the endoscopy reports whether they are built in text or encoded format. This customization allows us to offer every user the most relevant format or standards that best reflects and suits his/her practice.

Structuring of reports is of utmost importance and significantly improves the standards of medical practice by ensuring the completeness of information contained in a report.

Cardio Coded Reports

AI4HEALTH provides you with the possibility to customize and structure any cardiology report. Both text and encoded / structured formats are available. This customization allows us to offer every user the most relevant format or standards that best reflects and suits his/her practice.

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