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Making an Impact Across the globe

At AI4Health, our dedicated team specializes at building customizable solutions that best suit our customer’s needs, leading a higher productivity and cost-effectiveness.

All solutions are fully secure and HIPAA compliant as patient’s confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Flexible integration with other HIS or EHR is made possible in order to ensure a smooth workflow and user friendliness.


Our Approach

Our Approach to Medical Data 

In the medical field, the main benefit of the artificial intelligence is providing more precise diagnosis for better treatment means, avoiding medical pitfalls and therefore reducing medical costs.

In certain instances, digital medical records can be the reason of a host of problems such as shattering clinician workflows and limited compatibility creating data overburden. But with the implementation of AI into the healthcare field, there are better means of communication over time and space, enhanced health care and increased autonomy. The burden is taken away from the physicians thus assisting them in applying high performance medicine, while data is being accumulated in a structured manner. Structured and coded data is then used to generate evidence based medicine and deploy strategic planning and tactics, thus ensuring commercial impact across global markets.

Why Us

Main Reasons and benefits to Work With Us

Cost Effectiveness

Customizable Workflow and Smart Medical Assistance leading higher productivity among staff and saving incredible amount of time


All our solutions are customizable in order to provide each client with a user-friendly solution that meets his needs and improves his productivity


Possibility to integrate with other EHR or HIS systems through HL7 interfaces

Secure & HIPAA compliant

All security and regulatory rules are implemented in order to ensure the privacy and integrity of protected health information

Lets Start A Project

Let’s Start A Project


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