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We provide you with the possibility of translating any questionnaire or medical report into a structured and coded format. Coding allows for consistent documentation between medical provisions which allows for efficient, systematic, well organized research and analysis.

In order to save time, this data can be filled from multiple locations either by healthcare providers or patients themselves.

Our data mining module is so advanced that it will be possible to retrieve detailed data from millions of records in less than a minute.

When it comes to retrieving data on a small or large scale or when attempting to conduct studies, this solution will allow you to:

  1. Save incredible amount of time in both data entry and data retrieval.
  2. Dramatically decrease the working hours of the task force assigned for this task
  3. Improve data accuracy by avoiding human error
  4. Decrease research cost

At the end of the day, it is very important to know how much your time worth is!!

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