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Having a coded clinical registry allows health care professionals to perceive what therapy is needed or available, and facilitates tracking the response of patients with various characteristics to the given treatment. Another advantage is to advise patients and professionals about the best course of treatment and comparing them to other health care contributors regarding the end results, thus ameliorating safety and quality of health care being delivered to patients.

At AI4HEALTH, we are experts at building registries into 3 main types: 

  • Registries that pay particular attention to a disease or condition.
  • Registries that clearly target a procedure.
  • Registries that track the performance of a device.

Data reported on the registry is gathered and assembled through patients’ visits and medical care that they receive from different medical institutions and hospitals with time. Moreover, these data are recorded and stored in a structured format making data retrieval few clicks away. It is even possible to analyze data across different registries whenever needed.

 In order to ensure patient confidentiality, all data is being dispatched using an encrypted and secure portal.

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