Project Info

  1. Coded Data Entry:
    Based on the institution’s request, any pathology reporting template can be transformed and displayed in an encoded and user friendly format, thus standardizing the information reported by the pathologists and avoiding missing details based on the pathologic finding being reported.

    Items will be displayed in the form of:

    • Radiobuttons
    • ShowHide Radiobuttons
    • Checkboxes
    • Dropdown lists
    • ShowHide Dropdown lists
    • Dropdown Search
    • ShowHide Dropdown Search
    • Date Field

    Pathology Reporting

  2. Text Typing / Templates:
    It will be possible to enter information using:

    • Free text typing
    • Text templates: Each pathologist will have the possibility to save text templates and use them for different patients. Moreover, it will be possible to edit and modify the text in order to personalize the information from patient to another.
  3. Voice Recognition:
    Possibility to integrate diverse voice recognition software in order to make it possible for pathologists to dictate reports easily and shorten the time for reporting.

  4. Pictures:
    Whenever needed, it will be possible to theoretically take an unlimited number of pictures and save them in the patient’s report.

    This is also important in clinical studies, because most renown journals ask for a picture of the pathology slide (as a proof of a certain disease or condition) when sending a manuscript for publication.

  5. Attachements / Scanned documents
    If needed, additional information and documents can be recorded into the patient’s chart under the form of attached documents making it possible to scan any document and save it into the patient’s record.

  6. Reporting
    It will be possible for the software to organize a typed pathology reports using few clicks. The pathologist can certainly edit the report before printing it or saving it into a pdf format.

    A digital copy of the pdf format can also be emailed to the attending physician(s) in charge.

  7. Data Retrieval
    A special module will be developed in order to perform data retrieval and hence run statistical reports and analysis.

  8. Patient Front Page
    All previous pathology reports and history for a specific patient will be displayed and accessed using a user friendly platform.
    Most of the time, access to previous pathology reports is crucial for the pathologist and renders work more productive.

Patient Front Page

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